Flash Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Summit 2024
Special Edition: Rusolut 10th Anniversary!

10th Anniversary Celebration: Let’s mark this milestone together in a jubilant atmosphere filled with gratitude and achievement!
As a European leader in the field of data recovery and digital forensics, we are pleased to invite you to attend the next edition of Flash Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Summit which has gained recognition among engineers around the world.
What is FDR&DFS?
This is the only such event in Europe that brings together specialists in the field of data recovery, computer forensics and cybersecurity.
The event consists of:
– 1-day conference with a Lottery of unique big prizes
– Speeches presented by Rusolut engineers and specially invited guests
– Discussion panels conducted with invited speakers and Rusolut experts
– Historic celebration of VNR 10th anniversary
– VNR & eMMC NR Real Demo
– Consulting points conducted by Rusolut engineers
– Demonstrations of cases with Logic Analyzer and Pinout Searching
– Dedicated Monolithic chips preparation and microsoldering stations with camera
– Grand premiere of the NEW TECHNOLOGY!
– Networking cocktail
– 2-days of intensive Case Studies
– Individual care and support of Rusolut engineers for each participant
– Special groups tailored to your needs and activity profile:
Day 1: New Users Group / Experienced Users Group
Day 2: Monolith Pinout Discovery Group / Law Enforcement Group
– Specialized closed workshops exclusively for Law Enforcement agencies
–  Gifts for all bootcamp participants
– Integrating Grill Party on Day 2
– Challenge with distinction for solving special case in each group

Participation in Conference is FREE OF CHARGES.
Prior registration is required.
Submit request for Bootcamp terms and conditions.

September 10, 2024 – Conference
September 11-12, 2024 –Bootcamp
Novotel Warsaw Airport ****
Warsaw, Poland

Bootcamp Dedicated Groups


This is the perfect group to solve your first cases or strengthen the fundamental VNR skills you already have. You will discover how to:

  • unsolder correctly a memory chip and create a case in VNR
  • select and check configuration of memory chip and read the chip
  • use Database of solutions
  • reread the chip with read-retry and extract data
  • use File carver and File assembler
  • mount assembled Logical image and scan it by third-part Logical recovery SW and more…

Ideal group for advanced users who have basic functions at their fingertips and want to overcome the most tricky cases and real challenges that we will not show anywhere else (!)

  • Phison dynamic Block rotation
  • Asynchronous PAIR
  • Sandisk cases
  • FC Bad Bits removal and many more…


On this part of the bootcamp we will explain the technology of pinout discovery from monolithic devices. You will learn:

  • the structure of monolithic devices
  • technological pins of monolithic devices and how to get access to them
  • how to select technological pins for analysis
  • what is logic analyzer
  • settings of logic analyzer and how to use it
  • signal states and review of NAND interface and protocol
  • how to take and analyze waveforms and more…

Closed workshops available only to representatives of law enforcement agencies with specially tailored content based on real investigations and criminal cases. We will show:

  • Current Research and Progress with Embedded Devices
  • New Tools for Embedded File Systems
  • Vehicle Forensics:

– New solution and new adapters for solderless and chip-off techniques of data extraction
– Exploration of different manufacturers and their systems
– Types of recoverable data
– Hands-on work with real-world case

  • Network Device Forensics:

– Notable discoveries within routers
– Overview of user data and methods of extraction
– Practical work with real-world cases

  • Drone Forensics:

– Overview of memory chips in drones of a leading brand
– Unexpected and expected findings in drones
– File system reconstruction from NAND memory in actual cases