Chip-off week

We have set high goals for the Chip-off week 2019
  • Share our innovations with users during the conference
  • Help our users to understand VNR during the training
  • Build a community of like-minded data recovery and digital forensic experts
  • Create a friendly and nice atmosphere

We hope that we succeeded in all aspects!

Conference proceedings:


I have been in the data recovery business for about 13 years, and have worked with people and on cases from all around the world. I have never been so impressed with the work being done by a company in the area of data recovery, as I am after working with Rusolut. The research and work they have done is truly incredible, and is changing the way we traditionally view data recovery.
Thank you Rusolut for all that you have done.
David Rathbone, VTO Labs, USA
Thank you once again for the training at Chip-Off Week!
It was a real pleasure to meet you guys, and finally understand basics of VNR.
I must say now, that it is a great tool to work with. Before the training, to be honest,
I wanted to sell VNR. Still flash recoveries are the hardest cases, but now i know what
I am doing! I really appreciate the way support works. I learned a lot from them even during coffee breaks or barbeque. How awesome tool it is? Well… when I got home after the training, the second thing i did was soldering a microSD monolith card!
Krzysztof Dolhan, SGData, Poland
Chip-Off Week @Rusolut a must for “NAND geeks”
A week with all the steps needed reconstruct data from dump and more.
Training was served in a brilliant way by Igor and the rest of the Rusolut team. VNR has the power and Chip-Off Week taught me to get the best out of it. To meet with ” NAND geeks” from all over the world was fantastic
Looking forward to next year’s Chip-Off
Thank you Rusolut
Allan Sorensen, Digitalsupport, Denmark
Adrien & me would like to thank you for this huge week.
We were impressed by the organization. We have greatly appreciated the high immersion in the Flash spirit. This was possible thanks to the “all in the same place” (eat-train-eat-train-eat-drink-sleep) method. We have met a lot of very interesting people, and as I already said to Sasha, I think you have greatly contributed to create (or consolidate) a community.
The trainers were available and the rhythm train/pause (useful pauses by the way, to exchange information with other students and the trainers).
If we had something to criticize, we’d thought it would have been better to train before the conference, it would have been easier for newbies to understand tough topics, and maybe some “speak in the mic” problem. And, we may have missed something, the end was a little… blurry, but maybe because of the hard night of the day before ^^.
It was a great pleasure to meet you all, we had a great time, and it was useful. Adrien has learned a lot of things and I could refresh my knowledge on several subjects.
Best regards,
Rodney SALHI, Recoveo, France
Thank you for making it possible to participate in the best organized event I have ever experienced. You were great, everything was perfect down to the last detail.
Even though I’m not a forensic scientist and will probably never read a defective memory, I’ve gained a lot of background knowledge about the product.
This product of the VNR is a very helpful tool.
Manfred Arndt, bayIT GmbH, Germany