Visual NAND Reconstructor 8.1

Visual NAND Reconstructor 8.1 Dear Users, We are happy to release Visual NAND Reconstructor 8.1! In this version we have significantly improved and refined the Block manager element, the element that is a key in logical image assembly. The solution database viewer is now available for the users. It is now possible to adjust reader’s…

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Visual NAND Reconstructor 8.0

Visual NAND Reconstructor 8.0 Dear Users, We are glad to introduce Visual NAND Reconstructor 8.0! We continue to reform our platform for data recovery and digital forensics and trying to automate every step to make your job easier and faster. Since this version we bring a new approach to the work with NAND memory blocks…

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New Partner for Canada

Welcome new Partner! We are pleased to announce a newly established partnership with Teel Technologies Canada, a premier provider of advanced forensic training, tools, and services for Canada region. We have been fortunate to have many positive collaborations with Teel Technologies Canada in the past, and to cover the growing needs of the Canadian market,…

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New Partner for MENA region

Welcome new Partner! We are happy to announce a promising collaboration resulting from our recent productive business ventures and inspiring meetings. It brings us immense pride and optimism to announce the partnership between Rusolut and MHC Hardware & Software Trading LLC, based in Dubai, UAE Renowned as a leading provider of data recovery and digital…

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  • NAND Reader
  • TSOP48 socket adapter
  • LGA52 socket adapter
  • BGA100 adapter
  • BGA152 adapter
  • Monolith adapter
  • miniUSB 2.0 cable
  • Premium Support (1 year)
  • Fundamental Online StartUp 2.0 training


Amazing tool and software. Finally, we have solution which would improve data recovery process from flash devices, even in the case of very hard cases. Innovative interface, huge configuration capabilities and data recovery process control, well rounded reader with universal ZIF48 socket together with wide adapters set, Scrambler module and much, much more. Highly recommended!


Since we get the tool and software in 2017 our success rate in memorys has grown a lot. The most remarkable thing about the software is how visual and friendly it is to study and understand the cases and go directly to a successful data recovery, even the most difficult ones, since is so visual it gets more easy to use and get into in with the time. It wasn’t a great acquisition only for data recovery in general, but also, for a laboratory like us that makes Pinout Research Development in monolith devices.

There’s a lot of documentation and manuals to consult and evacuate doubts, example videos, downloable exercises and of course, the support for all your needs when things get hard. Have to say too, the events and capacitations are amazing, first level, very usefull and educational, we did go a few and there’s a before and after we assisted in the use of the software, we were assisted and orientated in ways to use the adapters and the program we never imagined. Highly recommended. Very essential.

RecuperoDatos, ARGENTINA

Lets start with the basics.
Sasha is THE absolute guru in flash.
The support of the tool is AWESOME.
They answer all our questions. They provide awesome remote support when things get tough.
The software itself is very understandable and robust. Even if you’re a newbie in flash.
Documentation is a must-read, even if you’re not into flash recovery.
The chip support is the richest in the market.

It’s a little revolution in Flash recovery taking place.
Well done.


What about VNR?
We can resume in few words: WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. It’s name claims VISUAL, and really is. Very easy to understand, visual, fast and EFFICIENT. Has a powerful interface, that allows to play you with data, understand patterns and extract what you want.
The possibility to add or remove steps between others is like a “miracle” so not necessary to redo all steps and you get results immediately. It’s USER FRIENDLY… and most important, UNDERSTANDABLE. No plain text, numbers and mystic solutions that “maybe work” or “maybe not” anymore. Forget everything you know about NAND recovery, and be aware for the future that has a name: VNR… recover data from NAND memories in VISUAL WAY…


Core Features of VNR

  • Data recovery from broken Flash devices
  • Forensic analysis of NAND physical image
  • Analysis of hidden/obsolete/bad blocks of NAND memory
  • Automatic analysis modes
  • Largest set of adapters on market
  • Powerful manual analysis and reverse engineering modes
  • Unique dump viewer modes
  • Support of microSD and other monolithic devices
  • Flexible software conception and intuitive GUI with database
  • Power adjustment for weak and mobile chips (1.8V…4.0V) separately for core and IO bus

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The software works with original reader and adapters only. Please note that the appearance of adapters is subject to change without prior notice.