Visual NAND Reconstructor 3.9 update

Visual NAND Reconstructor 3.9 update Dear users, We are glad to release a 3.9 update for both products VNR and eMMC-NAND Reconstructor. Here’s what we added eMMC-NAND RECONSTRUCTOR The new chips have been added to database H26M64003DQR H26M64002DQR H9TP32A8JDBC H9TQ17ABJTMC H26M54003EMR KLMAG2GE2A VISUAL NAND RECONSTRUCTOR New automated tool for Bad Column analysis and removal. Thanks…

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VNR webinars

VNR webinars Dear Friends! At this sensitive time we would like to support our customers and share our experience how to use Rusolut technologies more efficiently. We have designed series of webinars to help our current users understand all principles of our technologies for successful using them and induct those engineers who have not been…

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Rusolut Chip-Off Week 2020 – CANCELLATION

Rusolut Chip-Off Week 2020 – CANCELLATION Dear Friends! The Coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented, profound and sudden changes to many aspects of our lives. We regretfully inform you that due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, Rusolut Chip-Off Week 2020, originally scheduled for 06-08 May 2020, is cancelled. Our task is to determine the best and…

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  • NAND Reader
  • TSOP48 ZIF adapter
  • TLGA52 ZIF adapter
  • TSOP56 adapter
  • BGA100 adapter
  • BGA152 adapter
  • BGA154 adapter
  • BGA224 adapter
  • Monolith adapter
  • USB Flash disk with software
  • miniUSB 2.0 cable
  • Premium Support (1 year)


Lets start with the basics.
Sasha is THE absolute guru in flash.
The support of the tool is AWESOME.
They answer all our questions. They provide awesome remote support when things get tough.
The software itself is very understandable and robust. Even if you’re a newbie in flash.
Documentation is a must-read, even if you’re not into flash recovery.
The chip support is the richest in the market.

It’s a little revolution in Flash recovery taking place.
Well done.


The presentation of this tool in Russia fascinated me and exhausted the imagination that such a solution could exist. Experiencing the capabilities of this tool proved that this is not a fata morgana but reality. When you use this tool to recover your own most problematic cases, you begin to learn to think in a totally different manner. With other foreign Nand recovery tool, you can invest in training and equipment but the tools will never keep up with the pace of VNR. The efficiency and effectiveness of this recovery tool exceeds the imagination so let a new chapter in data recovery theory begin. Your data is just a few minutes away from you. Christian Bartsch, ACATO GmbH


What about VNR?
We can resume in few words: WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. It’s name claims VISUAL, and really is. Fu***** easy to understand, visual, fast and EFFICIENT. Has a powerful interface, that allows to play you with data, understand patterns and extract what you want.
The possibility to add or remove steps between others is like a “miracle” so not necessary to redo all steps and you get results immediately. It’s USER FRIENDLY… and most important, UNDERSTANDABLE. No plain text, numbers and mystic solutions that “maybe work” or “maybe not” anymore. Forget everything you know about NAND recovery, and be aware for the future that has a name: VNR… recover data from NAND memories in VISUAL WAY…


Amazing tool and software. Finally, we have solution which would improve data recovery process from flash devices, even in the case of very hard cases. Innovative interface, huge configuration capabilities and data recovery process control, well rounded reader with universal ZIF48 socket together with wide adapters set, Scrambler module and much, much more. Highly recommended!


Core Features of VNR

  • Data recovery from broken Flash devices
  • Forensic analysis of NAND physical image
  • Analysis of hidden/obsolete/bad blocks of NAND memory
  • Automatic analysis modes
  • Largest set of adapters on market
  • Powerful manual analysis and reverse engineering modes
  • Unique dump viewer modes
  • Support of microSD and other monolithic devices
  • Flexible software conception and intuitive GUI with database
  • Power adjustment for weak and mobile chips (1.8V…4.0V) separately for core and IO bus

The software works with original reader and adapters only. Please note that the appearance of adapters is subject to change without prior notice.