Flash Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Summit 2023

What is FDR&DFS?
We are pleased to announce the upcoming unique event in Europe dedicated to bringing together leading specialists in the field of data recovery, digital forensics, and cybersecurity.
The event comprises:
  • 1-day CONFERENCE During the conference, industry experts will deliver presentations, speeches, and participate in discussion panels to share their knowledge, latest techniques, and tackle the most pressing issues faced by professionals in the field. It is an excellent opportunity to connect and network with experts from all over the world, both from the private sector and govt institutions, law enforcement agencies, investigators and the police
  • 2-days BOOTCAMP for current and future VNR users The bootcamp is an intensive, practice-rich program that will allow you to quickly develop your VNR skills. Rusolut engineers have created a specially-prepared program-booster that will help you master essential VNR elements and new techniques in the shortest possible time. You will work in real-time using VNR software, and we will demonstrate and guide you through solving complex cases and issues.
Our Goals:
Conference: Our primary goal is to create a space for Flash Data recovery and Digital forensics specialists to share and obtain relevant knowledge. Topics of interest include chip-off techniques, digital forensics of IoT devices, data extraction from aircraft black boxes, data recovery from car infotainment systems, drone cases, and many others. The conference provides an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences, understand new issues, learn new approaches and techniques that can prove extremely valuable in commercial work, complex investigations, and scientific activities.
Bootcamp: The bootcamp is designed for both new and experienced VNR users. A specially prepared program-booster will allow participants to quickly discover essential VNR elements and techniques, as well as its potential. During the bootcamp, a specially prepared set of cases will be presented to help develop already acquired skills. Participants will work in real-time using VNR software to solve the cases and use the tips in their daily work.
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AGENDA – Day 1, Conference
10:00 – Igor Loskutov, Rusolut, Poland
VNR new features and Integrated Online Solution Base. VNR File assembler.
This presentation will showcase the latest features such as the Integrated Online Solution Base, File assembler etc. and best practices for using Visual NAND Reconstructor which were developed over the past couple of years.
11:00 – Michal Gmurek, Rusolut, Poland
Sandisk controllers and logical image assembly from WD Green SSD.
In this presentation Rusolut expert will demonstrate how to recover data from one of the most popular yet complicated devices based on Sandisk controllers. He will cover all peculiarities, including SLC cache and assembly by millions of data chunks.
12:00 – Audrey Fournier, Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA), France
The use of NAND recovery tools in case of damaged black boxes.
The presentation will focus on hard damaging black boxes and the process of recovery of data.
An example of a FA5001 fitted in a helicopter will be used.
13:00 – Dai Shimogaito, Aiforense Japan Data Recovery, Japan & USA
Data Erasure Verification for SDGs.
Disposing computers is not always the best course of action after use. Instead, ‘reuse’ should be considered as an option since it aligns with one of the SDGs, which are an urgent call for action by all countries. Cases that require a ‘purge’ level of data erasure verification, as defined by the ‘NIST SP 800-88 Rev.1’ standard and requested by the Association of Data Erase Certification (ADEC) in Japan will be discussed.
14:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Matthew Domanic, VTO Labs, USA
New and Emerging Technologies in the Digital Forensics Landscape: Case Studies and Research
The growth and number of deployed consumer electronic devices vastly exceeds the number of consumer computers. Devices like Internet-of-Things devices (IoT), drones, mobile phones and vehicles bring new and different challenges from traditional computers. With the rapid deployment of these technologies, we can also find the adoption in the use of crimes and the device’s abilities to be ‘witnesses’ in both criminal and civil investigations. Presenter will discuss some of the hurdles in applying current digital forensics practices on these new and emerging technologies and share some insight on current research being conducted by VTO Labs in data acquisition and analysis of these devices. He will also share some success stories on a few challenging cases involving NAND data recovery.
16:00 – Michal Pawlikowski, Arvika Data Recovery, Poland
Where is the limit? Analysis of devices from social disasters.
The presentation will focus on the possibilities of recovering data from flash from social disasters. Based on real cases, we will consider when recovery is possible and what difficulties it involves.
17:00 – Sasha Sheremetov, Rusolut, Poland
Vehicle forensics, IoT and embedded file systems
Throughout this session Rusolut CTO will show company research and progress with embedded file systems used in vehicles, network and IoT devices. He will dig into dumps of different devices and explore what kind of data they store, how to extract it and process.
18:00 – Networking
The duration of each session is 45 min, followed by 15 min break
Day 2, Bootcamp
09:00 – Start
13:00 – Lunch (1h)
17:00 – Barbeque party
Day 3, Bootcamp
10:00 – Start
14:00 – Lunch (1h)
18:00 – Finish