The built-in database of NAND chips and controller configurations provides a solution for most chips known to date. The trusted database is regularly updated by VNR developers and technological partners. The user database can be used to store your configs and solutions.

User friendly and intuitive software concept with unified functions helps to recover and analyze data faster and more efficient.

Automatic analysis modes make image reconstruction and data recovery process easier and faster.

Unique modes of data visualization with multi-level image structure description makes reverse engineering easier.

Special scrambler (XOR) extraction mode helps to “decrypt” data even in cases with new devices

File system viewer works with most common file systems of flash devices – FAT and NTFS.

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Universal socket to read NAND memory of any existing and future package

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Set of high quality adapters for most popular types of NAND chips

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Powerful and flexible software for data recovery and digital forensics

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Get FREE access to VNR documentation and NAND data recovery book

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