Visual NAND Reconstructor 4.2

Dear Users,
We have exciting news for you because it’s time for the next VNR update!
During past several months we have been focused on a newest high capacity devices from the market and developed some very useful features to help you do the job better!

What's new

  • New Read Retry algorithms for the newest 3D TLC chips from Micron, Intel and Hynix!
We’re constantly keeping an eye on the new developments in NAND flash industry and tirelessly working to keep up with it. It has to be said that quality of the latest 3D TLC and tolerance to bit errors is not much different comparing to “old” planar 2D TLC memory chips from the same brands. We have been able to find read retry settings for the newest chips and create fast and efficient algorithms.


Result after 3 passes of reread without Read Retry


Result after 3 passes of reread with Read Retry



  • New “codeword” reread mode for heavily corrupted dumps


Now in case if several codewords (data areas) of the page have been successfully corrected during reread by ECC, they won’t be rewritten altogether with page during the next pass of reread. This approach allows to target only those parts of page which are still corrupted. Due to additional page processing the process work slower than traditional “page” mode.


  • Existing Read Retry algorithms have been improved
Most of existing Read Retry algorithms for Sandisk, Toshiba and Hynix chips have been improved.
In couple with “codeword mode” and multi-pass reread it is now possible to fix bit errors even in cases where charge leakage/degradation from the memory cells is significant and beyond correctability.

New NAND chips

  • ECD994CE78 MicroSD
  • ECBC006A56 K524G2GACH-B050
  • ADD7952548 H27UCG8V5ATR
  • 983898B878 FT32B08CT2-DC
  • 454A9A827E 16GB
  • 453CAA927E mSD
  • 45C385A5E4 MicroSD
  • 2CD40C32AA FxxM16A256G1KDBAFJ4
  • 2CC4E532AA PFF95
  • 2C844434AA MT29F128G08CBCEB3W

New scramblers (XOR keys)

  • IS918M(18592_1728p_1158_1150_xoredSA_ECC)_624BBB.xor
  • mSD(18432k_384p_ecc112_xoredSA_ECC)_7F6163.xor
  • Noname(8k_64p)_006000.xor
  • PS2251-09-V(16k_128p)_9A9EF0.xor
  • PS2251-70-25(16k_1152p)_FA9E80.xor
  • PS_microSD(18432b_384p_SA_ECC_112b)_5061FD.xor
  • Sandisk(18432b_16p_ecc230b_xoredSA)_C634C7.xor
  • Sandisk(9216b_258p_ecc230b_xoredSA)_C634C7.xor
  • SM2702(8k_64p)_4C912A.xor
  • SM3281(8k_6912p)_E8018F.xor
  • SM3281LAB(16k_576p)_E8018F.xor
  • SMI2683(8k_256p)FE79FA.xor
  • SMI2702BX(8k_258p)_2850B8.xor
  • SMI2702BX(9216k_258p_1072_31_xoredSA)_2850B8.xor


  • AU_blob_18432(ecc112b)_16_X.bch
  • AU_noname_17664(ecc80b)_16_X.bch
  • BCM7356_2112(ecc7b)_4.bch
  • FC1179_18336(ecc120b)_16.bch
  • MT6572A_4352(ecc_7b)_8.bch
  • Phison_noname_9141_8.bch
  • PS2251-70-25_18432(ecc110b)_16.bch
  • PS_MicroSD_18432(ecc112b)_16.bch
  • Sandisk 20-82-00469-2_18336(ecc230b)_8.bch
  • Sandisk_mSD_2134(ecc118bits)_4.bch
  • SM3259AA1_18046(ecc102)_17.bch
  • SM3281L_18592(ecc126b)_17.bch_18432_17.bch
  • SM3281_9504(ecc119b)_10.bch
  • SM_monolithUFD_9216(ecc122b)_8.bch.bch
  • SSS6692_8832(ecc42b)_8_X.bch

New monolithic chip pinouts

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